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Our Pricing Is Completely Transparent

We ensure your property is listed for optimum revenue.
We only succeed when we create success for you first.

Do you live on the island and want to organise on-site services (like cleaning, laundry, and check-ins) yourself – but can see the benefits of our online marketing and booking management?


We use industry-leading tech and best-in-class personal service to manage your property's profile, bookings, and guests seamlessly.

15% commission

Booking management

Guest vetting

24/7 guest support

Review management

Damages deposits

Revenue reporting

+ pay-as-you-go charges

Our signature package for full-service management of your property, using a pay-as-you-go model for some products and services.

Guest registration

In-person check ins

Coordinated check outs

Inspections after guests

Tourist tax management

Trusted Partner discounts

Property cleaning

Property consumables

High-quality toiletries

Guest welcome gifts

Laundry services

Coordinated maintenance

25% commission

35% commission

The all-inclusive VIP package for absolute peace of mind, making every aspect of your property rental experience effortless.

but say goodbye to all 

pay-as-you-go charges.

Key lockbox


Plus VIP benefits:

Trusted Partner

Double discounts

Guidebook printing


Bottle label printing


Bonus #2

Your property name and branding – on your toiletry bottles. Pretty sleek, right? We know that it's these small touches that make the full guest experience. Better reviews mean more bookings, and more rental income for you.

Label Design & Sourcing

Bonus #1

Your guests' experience at your home starts before they arrive. We design and write a beautiful guidebook for your property that creates a stellar first impression, while providing guests with key information to plan their trip, see your home’s rules, find WiFi passwords, and more.

Unique Guest Guidebook

Bonus #3

Your property may be furnished already, but that's quite different from being "rental ready". There are quite often things you might not have thought about. Our itemised checklist makes it easy to tick off those boxes and know that everything your guests will need and expect is in place.

Rental Ready Checklist

Bonus #5

We know how hard it can be to find trustworthy companies on the island. That's why our local network of dependable, tried-and-tested partners can be a game-changer. Our partners supply essentials like: hotel quality linens and towels, property insurance for rentals, interior design, legal advice, and more. And the best part? You receive exclusive discounts with all of our Trusted Partners.

Trusted Partners

Bonus #4

With us, your phone calls don't get put on hold, nor do you wait days for a response to your email. Stay connected quickly and easily with a dedicated Whatsapp channel for your property.

Personal Group Chat

Bonus #6

It's easy to under- or over-purchase textiles for your home. We've devised the winning formula that calculates exactly what you need, factoring in rotation sets and spares. Simply enter your property's number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and maximum guests – and our calculator tells you the recommended quantities of bedding, linens, and towels.

Textiles Calculator


Your Package

For a Perfect Fit

How do your management fees work?

It's one of the most important questions homeowners ask us. We have 3 rental management packages, so we can tailor our rates to your needs and preferences.

Our mission is simple: to make it easy and stress-free to own a rental property on Hvar. But equally, it's just as crucial to unlock your home's maximum earning potential. 

We work with a commission structure, so we have an investment in our shared success – we make money when you do. So, we are determined to go above and beyond to achieve the best revenues, season after season. 

Property Setup


So you've chosen your package. Now relax, it's our turn to get to work

While many property management companies take a "come to us when you're ready" approach, we actually get you there. 


Getting a property ready for rental is no small job – especially when your goal is to generate the highest possible revenue and create an exceptional guest experience. From creating stand-out marketing, navigating the bewildering bureaucracy, or just figuring out all the numerous small stuff... have you got enough kitchen towels? Our truly unique Property Setup Service takes care of everything.

Our hands-on, personalised approach means your property gets off to the best start, with professionally crafted online listings and exposure on all the major booking sites.

Property consultation

Tourist Authority setup & registration 

Pre-photography styling

Professional, wow-factor photography

Search-engine oriented copywriting

Multi-channel listing

Owner's dashboard calendar

Seasonal pricing profile

One Time Fee


plus a payment representing your peak nightly rental rate *

* 100% refundable via Hvar Away Loyalty Rebate Scheme

We Take Your Property Setup To The Next Level With These 6 Free Bonuses

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