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No Job Too Small For Hvar Away Handyman

At last! A professional and reliable company on Hvar to complete those small repair and maintenance tasks. How many of those are on your list that have lingered unresolved year after year, simply because you have found no one to do them?

The Hvar Away mission is to make life easier for property owners on Hvar. That means:

We turn up when we say we will. We make a detailed offer and a materials budget for each project. We keep our promises. 
We complete your project to the highest standard and on time. We clean up after ourselves. 
We’re here whenever you need us. We answer the phone. Post-project follow up, insured and guaranteed. 

Simply put, we don't let you down.

Hvar Away co-founder Matt Szczerbinski stands next to his vehicle and smiles.

Say hello to Hvar Away Handyman

We know that finding the right tradespeople on the island can be a nightmare.

But here at Hvar Away, we're here to deliver on your dream. 

An icon depicting a tool box containing a hammer, wrenches, and a saw.

General Property Repairs

We can tackle all your general home repair needs, from fixing squeaky doors to renewing silicone – ensuring your home stays in tip-top condition.

An icon depicting an electrical socket, a wire, and a plug.

Electrical Installations & Troubleshooting

Whether you need a new light fixture or sockets installed, or have electrical issues that require troubleshooting, we provide safe and efficient electrical solutions.

An icon depicting a bathroom sink.

Plumbing Installations & Leak Fixes

Don't let plumbing problems disrupt your daily life. From water heater and tap installations to swift leak fixes, so you can enjoy worry-free water flow in your home.

An icon depciting an air conditioning unit and its filters laid out next to it.

AC/Klima Installs & Cleaning

Stay cool throughout the hot summer season with our AC installation. We are a Daikin authorised installer, and also offer thorough cleaning to keep your units running efficiently all year round.

An icon depicting a new kitchen remodel with stove top and tile backsplash.

Minor Works & Remodels

Enhance your living space with our minor works and remodelling services. From home interior works, painting and decorating, to small renovations – we bring your design ideas to life.

An icon depicting a roof with tiles laid next to it.

Roof Repairs & Gutter Cleaning

Protect your island home from the heavy winter downpours and strong bura with our roof repair expertise. We also ensure your gutters stay clear, preventing potential damage, and ensuring proper drainage.

An icon depicting a chest of drawers.

Furniture & Flat Pack Assembly

Save time and frustration with our furniture assembly service. We'll assemble your furniture pieces quickly and accurately, so you can enjoy your new additions without the hassle.

An icon depicting a washing machine.

New Appliance Installations

When you need new appliances installed, we can handle the job with precision. We ensure your appliances are set up and ready to use, safely and efficiently.

What Can Hvar Away Handyman Do?

... a better question might be, what can't we do?

Hvar Away co-founder Matt Szczerbinski smiles while holding his drill.

A Small Island, A Big Man, And A Huge Vision

Hvar Away co-founder Matt, originally from Poland, possesses unparalleled work ethic combined with physical strength from years of professional strongman competitions – making for a lethal combination.

Before moving to Hvar in 2020, Matt was the director of a small-scale construction business in the U.K. where he developed a reputation for excellence and value. With the pandemic came the opportunity for change and a new venture in Croatia. Now he operates exclusively on Hvar – in the right place for the island's expats and foreign investors to have their expectations around quality workmanship, communication, and reliability not only met – but exceeded.

Skilled work and great service


In Search Of Ongoing Property Care & Maintenance?

For those in search of more than just a one-time project, our Hvar Assured maintenance and care packages provide complete peace of mind for island homeowners. We routinely check all aspects of your property and are available 24/7 in the case of emergencies. From the electrics to the plumbing to the air conditioning, to keeping a keen eye for any water ingression, and much more – you are now free to enjoy your wonderful island home without inconvenient disruptions, worrying about unpaid bills, or arriving to a long list of chores to complete!

When you're Hvar Away

we're always here

A female foreign investor relaxes in a chair at home while drinking coffee and reading a book. Hvar Assured logo is overlayed.
Hvar Assured logo

Complete peace of mind for island homeowners

Hvar Away co-founder Matt Szczerbinski begins disassemble an air conditioning unit in preparation for cleaning.

Air Conditioning Klima Installations & Cleaning Service

Everyone loves summer on Hvar until you're stuck somewhere without AC. As a certified Daikin authorised installer, we deliver the highest standards of installation quality. You'll also enjoy the availability of our aftercare service, and the added benefit of a 3-5 year warranty on your Daikin system.

Did you know that to maintain hygienic standards, your AC units should be cleaned after each cooling season (summer), and after each heating season (winter)? We also provide thorough, professional cleaning and disinfection to ensure your AC functions at its best.

Quality workmanship


Card Payment Technology, Now Available

Hvar Away Handyman now accepts card payments, providing you with added convenience and flexibility. No more worries about cash on hand or international bank transfers – simply use your debit or credit card to settle your bill securely and effortlessly. 


It's a more efficient way to handle payments for our services, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your home. Plus, card payments offer enhanced security, giving you peace of mind when you choose Hvar Away Handyman. Your financial information is protected, and you'll receive electronic receipts for easy record-keeping.

An illustration of the card payment point-of-sale machine now available for Hvar Away handyman clients.



Hourly rate, including call-out.



Daily rate (8 hours), including call out.



Air conditioning cleaning for the first unit (includes outdoor and indoor unit). All additional units are €55 + PDV (VAT).

What Does Hvar Away Handyman Charge?

We provide the best job at the right price – and for sure, it will prove to be the greatest value.

For larger defined projects, we can work on a fixed-cost basis upon customer request.

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