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Our personal, professional, and comprehensive approach ensures you can feel at ease and comfortable with the knowledge and reassurance that renting out your home will be a seamless and relaxed experience.

Elisha and Matt founded Hvar Away with the vision of managing island properties with the same degree of enthusiasm and diligence as if they were their own.

Elisha; prolific British globetrotter, writer, editor, and photographer – having travelled, lived, and worked all over the world.

Matt; hard-working Polish boss man, capable of building anything from big muscles to grand houses.

As a team; shared values, complementary skillsets – and a passion for doing things exceptionally well.

Love at first sight... when they first discovered Hvar (and of course, when they found each other). Their love for the adventures of travelling, spectacular Airbnbs, and the realisation of the demand on the island for their skills fuelled the launch of the Hvar Away project. 

Elisha and Matt were clear that the two pillars of their business would be:

1. Unparalleled personalised service for their homeowner clients.

2. Consistently incredible experiences for their guests.

They have a deep understanding of how to optimise your property for your guests’ enjoyment. And equally, the essential component – that your island investment achieves the best possible returns, hassle-free. To je to.



About Us

A Valuable, Personalised Property Report – Provided Free

After viewing your home, uniquely, we will provide you with your Rental Opportunity Report for your investment property – including a market overview, suggested advertising platforms, marketing approach, projected revenue, and specific recommendations to maximise your returns.

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