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Discover your ideal property on Hvar, stress-free.

With our comprehensive property Search & Acquisition service, we specialise in assisting international clients in finding their ideal holiday home or investment property. Our end-to-end support ensures a seamless experience from start to finish. Leveraging our extensive local expertise, firsthand knowledge, and valuable connections, we guide you through the process, expertly steering clear of the pitfalls frequently encountered by less experienced buyers.

Why We Do It

Visitors to this beautiful island sometimes imagine that purchasing a property here will be a pathway to effortless profits through rental or resale, along with the added perk of free accommodation for their vacations. While the Hvar real estate market offers remarkable opportunities in an undeniable paradise, many obstacles await the overconfident and underprepared.


Navigating the intricacies of purchasing property in Croatia involves a distinct set of legal and regulatory processes, rife with potential challenges where even a small oversight can result in immense stress and disappointment.


Introducing Hvar Away's Search & Acquisition service. Led by Matt and supported by a team of Approved Solicitors and experts, we serve as your knowledgeable guides from the inception of your property search to the final legal acquisition – and without question, always prioritising your best interests throughout the journey.

How We Do It

Our 6-step process clarifies your property purchase journey, guiding you from initial exploration right through to the keys in your hand, ensuring a smooth process throughout.

2. First Consultation

We'll then arrange our initial consultation, either in person on the island or through a convenient video call.


During this meeting, our primary focus will be to ensure a thorough understanding of your detailed requirements beyond the questionnaire responses, provide answers to the questions you will have, and enable us to best deliver on your expectations.

1. Profiler Questionnaire

We begin by sending you our detailed Property Profiler Questionnaire, comprehensively analysing your preferences and objectives – whether it's a personal holiday home, an investment property, or a harmonious blend of both.


Clear understanding is paramount as we strive to fulfil your requirements completely.

3. Property Portal

With the search initiated, we revert to our extensive contacts and insider knowledge to explore properties that align with your criteria, including those not officially listed on the market. Once a preliminary selection of properties is compiled, they are uploaded to your personalised Property Portal. This dynamic platform provides real-time updates, ensuring you stay informed as new information becomes available. Upon reviewing the options in your portal, you can indicate which properties you wish to consider further. Our Approved Solicitor will step in, conducting essential due diligence to scrutinise the properties' ownership.

5. Price Negotiation

Get ready for an exciting phase as we progress to the next stage. If you decide to move forward, we will present an offer to the seller on your behalf, bringing all of our expertise to the negotiation process to secure the most advantageous deal possible.


With our on-the-ground connections, we can typically identify the best way to achieve the sale at the best price. We will always remain committed to positioning ourselves to ensure the best possible deal for you. This is a significant advantage you would be unlikely to attain without the assistance of a Search and Acquisition service. Unlike traditional agencies in Croatia, where the dynamics may differ, our primary objective is to secure the lowest price for you. We relentlessly strive to have your offer accepted on terms that meet your best interests.

4. Viewings & Reports

After the first due diligence process, the number of potential property options in your portal is typically refined, resulting in a curated shortlist of remaining properties.


Subsequently, an in-person visit is carried out at the shortlisted properties to gather comprehensive information and prepare a detailed Property Report. This report, with extensive photography, video content, and including drone footage, provides you with a comprehensive understanding and insight into the property and its surroundings.


Following the Property Report's upload to the portal, we look forward to receiving your valuable feedback. Additionally, if desired, you have the option to arrange an on-site visit to explore the property firsthand.

6. Completion Assistance

Once the seller accepts your offer, our Approved Solicitor conducts the full and final due diligence, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Subsequently, if necessary, the solicitor will present a purchase pre-contract agreement, which will be agreed as a purchase proposal. In cases where a pre-contract agreement is not required, the solicitor will move straight to drafting the purchase contract. Upon the contract's completion, the solicitor initiates the necessary procedures with the land registry to facilitate smooth transfer of ownership.


Throughout this critical legal acquisition phase, we remain focused on your purchase, overseeing the entire process, providing constant support and communication. From monitoring change of ownership submissions to ongoing contact with the solicitor, we are on hand to resolve any last-minute issues, ensuring you remain well-informed until the keys are in your hand. Time to celebrate!

Ongoing Support

Our commitment extends beyond the acquisition process. Should you require assistance with property renovation, within our range of property services we offer comprehensive project management and convenient home installations, including air conditioning, off-grid solar solutions, and electrical projects. Looking ahead, our Hvar Assured packages guarantee that your property remains in excellent condition for years to come, providing ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

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Retaining Fee

A one-time payment of €500 is required upon instruction and prior to commencing a search, valid for up to 6 months. This retaining fee is fully deductible from the success fee.

Success Fee

Upon the legal completion of the sale, a success fee of 1.9% of the purchase price is applicable. Alternatively, if the savings negotiated between the documented asking price and the final purchase fee amount to 12% or more, the success fee will be calculated based on the greater value.

Our Fees

Our transparent pricing structure is set out below.

Book Your Consultation

Take the first step towards finding your ideal property on Hvar by booking a consultation with Matt.


First, we'll email you over our Property Profiler Questionnaire so we can have a more detailed conversation about your unique requirements, answer your questions, and provide personalised guidance tailored to your needs.


Whether you're seeking a luxurious holiday home or a lucrative investment opportunity, our first consultation will set you on the path to realising your Hvar real estate aspirations.

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