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When you're Hvar Away

We're always here

When We Say Complete Package,

We Mean It


Secure key holding

   Key exchange as required for permitted individuals


Weekly visits

Watering indoor and outdoor plants

Clearing leaves and ensuring drains are free of debris


Coordination of cleaning before stays


Wood sourcing and property heating before winter stays


Weekly routine inspections

Checking for damages and water ingression

Testing appliances, electricity, and gas

 Running water from all fixtures to prevent scale buildup

Ventilation of each room

Photo and video report of any issues

Recommended solutions


Emergency inspections following excessive rain, storms, earthquakes, and other weather disasters

Photo and video report of any damages, with recommended actions


Fire and carbon monoxide alarms

 Procurement, installation, and monthly testing

Annual battery replacement


Light bulb replacements as required


Management of repairs and maintenance

 Procurement of required materials 

 Coordinating and overseeing external tradespeople


Mail collecting and forwarding

Payment and administration of utilities and other bills

Management of all necessary paperwork and record-keeping

Peace of Mind,


The Complete Property Care Package

We understand how important, valued, and precious your home is to you – and therefore needs care and protection, particularly as many island homes are vacant throughout the long off-season period. However, you don't need to worry as we're here to sort out all the unfortunate but inevitable breakdowns, leaks, and whatever else your property can throw at us – and importantly, at the earliest possible stage to avoid the disruption, additional expense, inconvenience, and frustrating distraction that otherwise so often ensues. 

We routinely check all aspects of your home and, in the case of emergencies, are available 24/7. From the electrics to the plumbing, to keeping a keen eye for any water ingression, ventilating to avoid damp, and much more – our Hvar Assured Complete Property Care Package is here to ensure your peace of mind.

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Care

A well looked after pool or hot tub is not only a pleasure to enjoy for yourself and your guests, but also prolongs the quality and life of the unit overall, as well as their filter systems. Our pool and hot tub maintenance specialist can tailor a care program according to your individual needs, including services such as:

Pre-season pool preparation

Post-season pool closing

Sanitising, skimming, and shocking

Emptying pump and filter baskets

Checking filter pressure

Testing and balancing water pH, alkalinity, and calcium levels

Pool vacuuming

Organising repairs to structure and system

Please note that, due to such variation in requirements, pool and hot tub services are costed separately to the HVAR ASSURED included services listed above.

First Class

Record Keeping

Arrive Relaxed To A 

Clean, Warm Home

Best Value

Rental Management Clients


Outside of rental period only

The Complete Property Care Package

Rental Management Clients


Outside of rental period only

The Complete Property Care Package

Not A

Rental Management Client?

We Provide

Custom Pricing

The Complete Property Care Package


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